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SMA America Power+ Solution inverter

SMA’s ( Power+ Solution for Sunny Boy US series inverters includes DC module-level power electronics (MLPEs) manufactured by Tigo Energy. These MLPEs are either installed as a retrofit component to select modules (the TS4-R), or with “smart modules,” into which the MLPEs are already integrated. Different interchangeable covers offer various features. The TS4-S cover provides module-level monitoring and rapid shutdown capability compliant with the National Electrical Code’s 2014 and 2017 requirements. The TS4-O covers have all the TS4-S features, plus optimization (module-level MPPT). This cover can be installed on select units (such as those on modules with shading issues).

A rooftop communications kit allows TS4s to communicate module data wirelessly with a gateway (installed at the center of the array), and uses an RS485 cable to the inverter. Up to three gateways can be daisy-chained together with RS485 cabling. For the inverter, a power supply and the Cloud Connect Advanced are included in the kit to be installed inside the inverter.

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When SMA introduced their new Sunny Boy inverters with integrated DC disconnects, Integrated WiFi and 2000 Watt Secure Power Supply capability - I cheered - these are all great features both for the homeowner and installer.

The 2014 and 2017 NEC Rapid shutdown requirement added material and cost to central inverter PV installations, but at least, with a DC powered Rapid Shutdown solution, one can still use the Secure Power Supply for emergency power during a grid power outage.

Unfortunately, using SMA's Power+ full deployment solution for module level monitoring and Rapid Shutdown as it is currently designed now takes away the ability to use the Secure Power Supply !!! This is because the Tigo devices rely on dedicated AC power being available to operate. SMA should try again to reduce the number of components required and simplify installations while meeting code requirements and providing low cost monitoring.

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