GEAR: Quick Mount PV QRail


Quick Mount PV ( released QRail, a new rail-based rack for PV arrays. This product features QClick technology—in which module mid- and end-clamps click into place and stay upright, ready to receive a module—to expedite installation. The internal QSplice feature provides simultaneous electrical bonding and structural splicing of two rails without tools. QRail is available in light, standard, or heavy versions to accommodate various climate conditions and loading requirements. Available in mill or black finish, QRail comes in 168- or 208-inch lengths. These rails can be used with Quick Mount PV’s waterproof mounts for various roof types or with other manufacturers’ products. Quick Mount provides QDesign, a free online design tool that helps PV system designers determine array configuration options for the QRail system and generates a complete engineering report and a bill of materials.

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