GEAR: Quick Mount PV Q-Box

Quick Mount PV's Q-Box flashing integrated junction box

Quick Mount PV ( offers a flashing-integrated junction/pass-through box. The Q-Box is a waterproof enclosure that can accommodate transition array wiring  (up to two strings) from conductors in free-air to inside conduit on composite shingle roofs.  The polycarbonate 5.5-by-5.75-inch box is attached via anchor bolts and sealing (EPDM) washers to the top of the 12-by-12-inch anodized aluminum flashing. Holes for cord grips and conduit are made during installation, and conduit can either pass through the back into the attic space or exit the side of the box. Waterproof wire nuts are included and rated to 600 VDC. Installers supply their own cord grips and conduit fittings, which must be raintight or suitable for wet locations.

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