GEAR: Iron Edison Lithium-Iron Batteries

New Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Iron Edison (, of Lakewood, Colorado, offers lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in 12, 24, and 48 V configurations, making them compatible with standard battery-based inverters. Storage capacity ranges from 180 to 1,000 Ah. Pre-assembled with a battery management system and DC disconnect, they’re housed in a steel enclosure with a removable lid. These maintenance-free batteries are rated for 5,000 cycles (about 14 years) at 50% depth of discharge, and have a standard seven-year prorated warranty. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are touted for their safety and stability, as they are not prone to thermal runaway that has been problematic for other lithium battery technologies.

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I look on their website. Smallest 9Kw is $10K USD. Yikes! Maybe get a powerwall.

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These are lithium-iron batteries, which have advantages over other lithium battery technologies. I would expect them to be more costly. Before buying any battery pack, always compare the pluses and minuses of each battery type -- not just cost. To quote a friend not associated with Iron Edison, they have "better discharge/charge cycle, longer life with proper BMS, No hazmat disposal problem with the iron, no heat dissipation needed, no fire danger, can be transported by aircraft"

The same applies to lead acid batteries: I choose industrial batteries over most common types because they will last longer.
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My Dad used to say if You have to ask the price You probably can't afford it. I hate to put all my info in their data base just to see if it is even feasible for me.

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Not much help without priceing?

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I live in Canada how well do the batteries perform in the cold and what is their temperature operating range? Also what do they cost/

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