Gear: HellermannTyton 25-year Cable Ties

HellermannTyton manufactures the T50R-PVDF-BK, a 25-year-rated plastic cable tie for wire management.

HellermannTyton ( manufactures the T50R-PVDF-BK, a 25-year-rated plastic cable tie for wire management. Made from polyvinylidene fluoride—which has high UV, chemical, and temperature resistance—they are designed to reduce cable management failures over the warranty lifetime of a PV system. These 8-inch cable ties have a 50-pound tensile strength and feature smooth edges to prevent cable damage. The listed temperature range is -40°F to 284°F.

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Hello John. Thanks for being a long-time subscriber and for your feedback. The PVDF cable ties covered in Home Power's Nov/Dec 2017 issue are listed on p.17 of this HellermannTyton catalog: I've reached out to the manufacturer for additional information on where to purchase these ties. Also, I'm currently running a 16kWh BPE Blue Ion 2.0 energy storage system at my off-grid property in Oregon and have been impressed with its operation so far. Look for an article on the installation in a future issue of Home Power.
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As a 20 plus year subscriber, am discouraged by what seems to be another step Home Power has taken along the road in it's evolution from a hands on, do it yourself publication to a trade journal.

This piece is promoting "vaporware" i.e. a produce that only exists in the manufacturer's press release. Ditto for the accompanying piece on Blue Planet lithium batteries.
John Kelly

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Hi Gus, Thanks for posting! I am not able to find them currently either. The webpage I had before isn't coming up: I did find other products listed as solar cable ties via this webpage: (note you may have to cut and paste that email address into your browser to load will bring you to their "solar energy"page...then you see on the right a link to their "solar ties") But don't see the specific product name on that page either...I have reached out to them to see if they can update us. Best, Justine Sanchez Home Power Magazine
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As of 2017-12-21, searching for T50R-PVDF-BK returns "No records Found." Also, searching for T50R-PVDF-BK returns "There were no products or other content that matched your search." These ties must not yet be in their catalog. Where did you find them?

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