GEAR: Evolve Energy Storage System by Eguana Technologies


Eguana Technologies ( introduced its Evolve energy storage system for residential PV systems. It’s designed for maximizing self-consumption of on-site PV energy; taking advantage of available time-of-use rates; and providing backup power during utility outages. Evolve integrates a power control system, smart inverter (UL1741-SA listed), battery management system, and LG Chem lithium batteries within two enclosures (NEMA 3R and 4 rated for indoor or outdoor wall-mount installation). The Evolve power rating is 5 kW and its energy storage is 13 kWh, and is expandable up to 39 kWh with two added battery cabinets. Output is 120/240 VAC to be AC-coupled with new or existing grid-tied PV inverters. Online system monitoring via a web browser displays household energy usage and system production data, along with battery state of charge. Battery reserve capacity can be altered through programming—for example, to prepare for expected utility outages due to incoming storms. This product carries a 10-year warranty.

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