Fronius USA’s Galvo String Inverters

Fronius USA’s Galvo String Inverter
Fronius USA’s Galvo String Inverter
Fronius USA’s Galvo String Inverter

Fronius USA ( has four new residential string inverters. The Galvo inverter series includes models with rated power outputs of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.1 kW. The 1.5-1 and 2.0-1 models have an MPPT range of 120 to 335 VDC. The MPPT range for the two higher-power units, the 2.5-1 and 3.1-1, is 165 to 440 VDC. All models can be connected to 208 or 240 VAC services.

The low-profile, 36.9-pound Galvo inverters feature an innovative SnapINverter hinge-mounting system for quick installation and serviceability, and an integrated DC disconnect. The high-frequency transformer topology allows for positive- and negative-grounded systems. Internal protective devices include a Type 1 arc-fault circuit interruptor (AFCI), ground-fault detector/interruptor (GFDI), and DC reverse-polarity protection. The Galvo series inverters include integrated WiFi and free data hosting for the life of the system on Fronius’s SolarWeb monitoring portal.

—Joe Schwartz

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How does the price of these inverters compare to the older model inverters(i.e. IG Plus 3.0-1)?

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Sorry, but we do not have pricing info. Check with your distributor, they should be able to help.

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