MAIL: Solar Sisters


Many thanks to Home Power for providing the space and to Justine Sanchez for writing “Support Solar Sisters” in HP157. I thought I was alone in feeling disgusted by “booth babes” at recent solar trade shows. People told me that it’s even worse at European shows, but that sure does not make me feel better. Justine highlighted how disheartening it is as the mother of a young girl, and I wholeheartedly agree! She also noted that she avoids these booth areas when attending a conference; I would add that I refuse to do business with those vendors.

I have been a successful business owner and NABCEP-certified installer for seven years. It continues to amaze me how surprised people are that I—a woman—choose to engage in intelligent technical conversation. The solar industry has enough entrenched ideas to deal with as we offer options to replace fossil fuel and old ways of doing things. Let’s work together as an industry to shine when it comes to such gender stereotypes and bias. Support solar sisters!

Rebecca Lundberg • via email

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