FROM THE CREW: This Year, Make RE Your Message

Solar, wind, and hydro. What we need to do.

Groups and individuals are scrambling to figure out what having a new president means to them and the issues they care about—and what they can do to make progress in those areas. The renewable energy industry and its supporters are no different. It’s still early to be sure about how solar and wind will fare, but if post-election stock prices were any indication, renewable energy might take a hit—while coal stock prices have soared, according to The Washington Post.

However, a report from The Conservative Energy Network says there is strong support from conservative voters for renewable energy, including the federal tax credits, which help keep rooftop solar going strong. Balloting in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Florida halted utility efforts to cut solar energy support, which affirms public desire. Between U.S. pro-RE opinion, and global drive pulling the U.S. along, RE progress may not be significantly harmed. Industry growth will likely be slowed, however—it remains to be seen how much.

Citizen participation is more critical than ever in a new political climate that will likely be less friendly for renewables and potentially catastrophic for the global environment. If you want to foster positive energy policy and security, and support renewable energy and all of its contributions, such as jobs creation and clean air, here are some of the things you can do to help:

  • Join local and national solar and renewable energy organizations, such as the American Solar Energy Society and Vote Solar.
  • Let the president and your Congress representatives know that RE, efficiency, and conservation are key to maintaining a high quality of life in the United States.
  • Instigate letter-writing, email, and phone-call campaigns about supporting renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects to newspapers, Congress, and the president. Post on their social media pages, but keep it on-message and positive. Make points about how effective RE is at creating jobs; increasing energy independence and national security; and keeping our air and water clean and safe.
  • Act locally—our city and regional leaders are not as beholden to nonrenewable energy interests as our federal leaders are.
  • Share your RE projects with local media.

Think About It...

“A dramatic expansion of solar power is a clean and economical way to help break our dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, improve our geopolitical position, and create good-paying green jobs.”
—Senator Bernie Sanders, May 2010, upon introducing a bill to put 10 million PV systems on roofs

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Talk about renewable energy to your friends and family. Show them how you do it, give examples of how renewable energy, recycling, efficiency plays our in your own life. I am not shy about talking about how this type of behavior has been positive in my life.

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