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OutBack Flexware Combiner
Combiner boxes, like this one from OutBack Power Systems, provide necessary overcurrent protection for the array.
Wired Combiner Box
A transition box can be used to change wire types and sizes on the roof.
OutBack Flexware Combiner
Wired Combiner Box

Other Considerations

This article will help you size the right inverter for your array, but does not cover every aspect of system design. Other factors, such as the maximum AC overcurrent device you can connect to; acceptable wire sizes; the inverter’s temperature limitations—both high and low for outdoor locations; monitoring options; and warranties will play a role in shaping your system. Consider all aspects of your system design to make an educated inverter choice.


Ryan Mayfield (ryan at is a NABCEP-certified PV installer and ISPQ Affiliated Master Trainer. He is anticipating the long days of spring and summer with their increased solar resource and opportunities to root for his favorite baseball teams.

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