MAIL: Hydro Correction


I was reading the article “Hydro-Electric Evolution” and noticed PowerSpout got a mention, which is normally good, until I read this: “…but if their simpler, plastic Pelton runner has a lower efficiency, it may not be worth the cost-savings.” Chris Soler must not be familiar with our runner. Our glass-filled nylon rotors (we make both Pelton and Turgo types) are far from simple. PowerSpout’s low-head product has a stainless steel rotor.

For the record, our glass-filled nylon rotors have been tested at the Massey University test site for four years, 24/7, at 1.6 kW, and show very little wear. This is why all of our plastic rotors get a 5-year erosion warranty. The wear rate of glass-filled nylon is similar to that of bronze runners.

We have spent considerable time over 12 years building a cost-effective, award-winning, standard-compliant range of affordable hydro turbines that are made with renewable energy and a high recycled material content.

Michael Lawley • PowerSpout/EcoInnovation, New Plymouth, New Zealand

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