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Electric Tiller
Inspired by author Ted Dillard’s “DIY Electric Tiller Conversion”, a reader happily follows suit.
Electric Tiller

I enjoyed Ted Dillard’s “DIY Electric Tiller Conversion” article in HP150. I wish I had built this years ago—thanks for the idea and guidance! I’m tired of playing with gas and oil, changing the oil, cleaning the gas tank, rebuilding the carburetor, replacing the spark plug, etc. I was spending more time on maintenance and repair than actually using the tiller. The last straw was that I lent the tiller to my neighbor, and when I got it back, I couldn’t even start it with starting fluid.

So I found a very nice “used” motor on eBay—it actually looks new. It’s a Dayton 1 hp, 3,450 rpm, single-phase, capacitor-start, and can be wired for 120 VAC or 240 VAC, and will turn in either direction. The only drawback is that this motor doesn’t have a thermal cutout. So I’ll have to be careful. I added a box with an industrial switch and #10 AWG 3/C SOOW cord. Here is a photo (at right) of the result.

Dale Reed • Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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Michael Welch Home Power senior editor

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