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A lot of Preppers prepare to “bug out” to a secure location in the event of the EOTWAWKI.

Bob-O has done the math and by the third usage the lids will have paid for themselves. Then there is the added bonus of always having lids on hand when you need them, bypassing a hurried, unplanned trip to town (which for us is 50 miles). Thanks, Preppers. 

Bugging Out

A lot of Preppers prepare to “bug out” to a secure location in the event of the EOTWAWKI. There are myriad available lists and instructions for stocking a bug-out bag. It seems you actually need two—a small one for your workplace (enough supplies to get you home), and a larger one to get you to your bunker or secure location. Well, we are already here—no need to bug out. The closest thing to a bug-out bag that I have is my winter kit for the car. Food, water, a wool blanket, tire chains, a plastic poncho, a rain suit, a large flashlight, and gloves are included. I’m thinking that would get me home safely.

Prepper Power

We have noticed a distinct lack of renewable energy in a Prepper’s arsenal of supplies. Most seem to stockpile fuel of some flavor and a generator for electrical needs. Seems kind of shortsighted, especially since Preppers are striving for personal and household independence on a dramatic scale. Solar electricity and solar hot water would go much further—and be a lot quieter.

Having lived off-grid for more than 25 years, I know it just isn’t that hard to do. Power-conserving measures become automatic very quickly. Where we live, we also need to conserve our water. Again, this all becomes second nature in a short time.

So are we Preppers? I think I would have to say yes. But we prep for our life as we want it to be. It is the life we continue working on to make ourselves practical and sustainable.


Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze is growing heirloom Glass Gem Indian corn at her off-grid home in northernmost California.

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