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I love the buckets of information you folks share, but for shame! Your glossary at says that Energy Star identifies “the most energy-efficient products on the market.” My understanding is that Energy Star products meet the minimum recommended efficiencies. This in no way means they are the most efficient. Consumers need to be educated to look deeper than a sticker, and not be led to believe all is equal.

Consumers generally don’t think enough about efficiency and the cost of using a product over its full lifetime. They put too much focus on purchase price. When multiple products all have an Energy Star sticker, the most expensive product may have the least cost of ownership due to the lower energy use, yet the misled masses tend to go with the lower purchase price. After all, the products all are Energy Star-certified, right? As global warming makes news regularly, energy costs are going to climb, and energy conservation will blossom in North America. Please watch how the message is presented. I am sure your use of “the most” did not mean the absolute most, but not everyone receiving the message understands this. Keep up the great work.

Dwayne Jones • via e-mail

Thanks, Dwayne—we have edited the listing appropriately. For more practical energy efficiency and life-cost information, we like the Enervee website (

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