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You asked Home Power readers if they have or are building a small efficient home, so here’s mine: 684 square feet of living space, one bedroom/one bath with a loft, and off the grid—Central Maine Power wanted $35,000 for a line extension, and being located in the middle of conservation land helped my decision to stay off-grid.

I had the concrete floors done a couple weeks ago, and am getting ready to start framing soon. I designed it in Solidworks, using a small cottage I found online and the apartment I’m renting in a former mill building for inspiration and scale. It’s taken a long time to get to this stage—with a lot of planning, designing, and research—but it’s all coming together and will be well worth the wait! I will keep you posted...

Craig Merrow • Wells, Maine

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Do you have a floor plan you can share? How much window glazing are you planning on for each side of the house? Are you using only PV or do you plan on having a woodstove, propane, wind source as well? I am working on my own plan for a small cabin in the woods. Thank you for any info?

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