Events & Training Directory

Event Date City State (USA) Event Namesort descending
11/07/15 Austin Texas Advanced Lab Day: Solar PV Design & Installation | Nov 7
11/16/15 Online Wisconsin Basic Photovoltaics Online
10/28/15 Cedar City Utah Battery-Based PV Systems (Beginning) - Labs
11/02/15 ONLINE Utah Battery-Based PV Systems (Beginning) - Online
11/16/15 Raleigh North Carolina BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional
10/13/15 Boulder Colorado Climate Change, Sustainability and Arctic & Alpine Research
10/26/15 Cedar City Utah Grid-Direct PV Systems (Beginning) - Labs
11/02/15 ONLINE Utah Grid-Direct PV Systems (Beginning) - Online
02/06/16 Austin Texas ImagineSolar | Advanced PV Project Experience Feb | 6 - 10
11/07/15 Austin Texas ImagineSolar | Advanced PV Project Experience | Nov 7 - 11
12/07/15 Raleigh North Carolina LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE (2 day)
10/13/15 ONLINE North Carolina ONLINE REPV: Renewable Energy with Photovoltaic Systems
11/09/15 Online Wisconsin PV Sales and Finance Online
11/09/15 Paonia Colorado PVOL101: Solar Electric Design & Installation (Grid-Direct)
11/09/15 Paonia Colorado PVOL202: Advanced PV System Design & the NEC (Grid-Direct)
11/09/15 Paonia Colorado PVOL206: Solar Business & Technical Sales
11/09/15 Paonia Colorado PVOL303: Advanced Battery-based PV System Design Series 1
11/09/15 Paonia Colorado RDOL101: Appropriate Technology for the Developing World
11/02/15 Raleigh North Carolina REPV(A): Advanced Design & Installation of Photovoltaic Sys
12/14/15 Raleigh North Carolina RESNET HERS Rater
10/26/15 Raleigh North Carolina REST: Renewable Energy Generation with Solar Thermal Systems
10/12/15 Online Wisconsin Small Wind Site Assessor Training Online
10/10/15 Parsonsburg Maryland The 2014 NEC - Article 690 - Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems


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