OutBack Power Radian Series Inverter/Charger

Outback Power's Radian Series Inverter/Charger
Outback Power's Radian Series Inverter/Charger

OutBack Power (www.outbackpower.com) is releasing its Radian Series GS8048 inverter, an 8 kW inverter/charger that has been redesigned to address three constraints of the company’s current OutBack FX and GTFX lines. The Radian series is designed for both grid-interactive and stand-alone applications; has a split-phase 120/240 VAC output; and provides dual AC inputs so both the grid and a generator may be utilized. The GS8048 has a 48 VDC nominal input voltage, 30 W idle consumption, and surge specifications of 16.97 kVA (100 ms), 12 kVA (5 seconds), and 9 kVA (30 minute). Multiple units can be combined for systems from 8 to 80 kW.

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Wimberley Wind and Solar's picture

The Radian provides a great Hybrid and Off-Grid solution. Our company was among the first to install a Radian a year and a half ago. It is based on proven technology this we trusted the inverter from day one. We like to run just the inverter then hook up MidNite Solar Load Center with MidNite charge controllers and accessories.

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