MidNite Solar - Surge Protector

MidNite Solar - Surge Protector
MidNite Solar - Surge Protector

MidNite Solar (midnitesolar.com) released its surge protector to safeguard RE system equipment from damaging voltage surges from lightning or the utility. The unit is mounted on the outside of electrical enclosures using a 1/2-inch knockout. Its components are visible to see if the unit is functioning (via two blue LEDs) or has absorbed a surge. It is available in 115 V for low-voltage equipment (12, 24, and 48 V PV arrays, for example), and 300 V and 600 V for high-voltage grid-tied arrays. It is capable of clamping surges up to 115,000 A and protecting equipment by reducing the voltage to a level system electronics can handle without damage. The devices are designed to protect both DC and AC electrical equipment and come with a five-year warranty.

—Justine Sanchez

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