SMA Sunny Boy 240-US Microinverter

SMA Sunny Boy 240-US Microinverter
SMA Sunny Boy 240-US Microinverter

SMA America ( released its Sunny Boy 240-US microinverter in August 2013. It can accept up to 250 watts from a photovoltaic module, with a maximum rated AC output of 240 W at 240 VAC, and a 96% CEC efficiency. The microinverter connects to the DC output of a module and its AC output is in turn connected in a daisy-chain to the next microinverter. Communications and final connection to the grid is through the Sunny Multigate, which accepts up to 12 microinverters and sends the aggregated power to a circuit breaker in the site’s AC load center. The Multigate can be connected to an onsite Internet router, enabling module-level monitoring which can be viewed either by Sunny Explorer software on an onsite computer, or through SMA’s Sunny Portal website.

Justine Sanchez

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